The Omnichannel Guru

Omnichannel is one of the best business approaches as it puts customers first and helps brands maintain their competitive edge. Specifically, in the electronic retail industry, there have been a number of electronic stores such as, Radio Shack, Hhgreg, Circuit City, and more who have not been able to keep up with its competitors. So, what makes Best Buy different? Which factors contributed to the sustenance of Best Buy?


Brick-and-Mortar stores are still very important despite being in a very technologically advanced world. As a matter of fact, almost 85% of shoppers prefer to shop in-store compared to online. However, women are more inclined to purchase tech items online, while men, on the other hand, prefer to shop in-store, as it enhances their experiences. Best Buy makes the in-store experience something to look forward to with their personalized service, price-matching options, and their famous Geek Squad support.

Online Shopping

The purpose of omnichannel is that it brings value to both the brand and the customer simultaneously. That is one of the main reasons Best Buy has sustained throughout the decades of changes as their agility and adaptability has heavily influenced their success—especially when it comes to e-commerce. The online shopping experience is seamless for customers due to the fact that they are given the option to pick up their item in-store within an hour providing instant gratification. Furthermore, at the beginning of the pandemic, Best Buy quickly adapted by providing curbside pick-up, allowing customers to shop online and drive up to the storefront to pick up the item rather than paying additional shipping costs. This option kept both the customer and the brand first. 

Tech Support

Having tech support in an electronic/technology store is vital as it alleviates many of the customer’s stresses that they may face after purchasing a product from the store. Geek Squad provides in-store, online, and 24-hour telephone assistance to customers. According to Forbes, Geek Squad is “a crucial selling point for the company, as its services allow customers to demo products and consult with experts before making big purchases, and provides help with installation and configuration.” It was reported in 2017 that the company was able to attribute roughly 3% of its revenue to Geek Squad, which translates to $1 billion in sales solely from this channel. 

Best Buy has focused and continues to focus on the customer experience by creating a seamless customer experience through various channels from in-store and online shopping as well as their tech support services. It’s important for businesses to study Best Buy’s model and take away these key lessons that have helped the brand sustain their success despite all the changes thrown their way.