How Brands Adjust to the Pandemic

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that quickly became widespread within the U.S has forced brands to become agile and quickly change their marketing strategies. While many companies are facing many challenges, it’s crucial to develop marketing strategies in order to stay afloat and maintain a competitive advantage. 

Empathy is Everything 

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that we are all human and humility comes first. Companies that stick to their core values are always more successful than those that do not. It’s easy to be focused on numbers and sales at a time like this but putting it all on hold for a brief moment to acknowledge what your target audience may be enduring is the foundation of any potential marketing strategy during a catastrophic time. Keep in mind that compassion is key. Do not try to capitalize on a crisis, as this will only tarnish the brand image and make consumers question your motives. 

Social Listening 

It’s important to pay attention to what your customers are saying. Study their behaviors and interactions on social media. This is where we can gain actionable insights such as customer feedback and expectations which will ultimately lead the brand in the right direction. 

Competitive Benchmarking 

Don’t be afraid to look at around and take note of the way other brands are responding. There’s nothing wrong with proceeding with caution. Take a step back to evaluate the situation and identify where your brand can step in and create an impact. Watch how these 3 brands took action and responded with compassion: